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We have four poodles of our own and decided to have one or two litters a year so we could play with the puppies . We love our dogs and take very good care of them. They have their own large living room and are treated as well as our own children. We pamper each and everyone of them. We potty train all of the puppies for as long as we have them and feed them nothing but the best .We specially hand pick who purchases our puppies and make sure they are going to a good home. We are always there for our puppies new family if they have any questions. We encourage them to send pictures and meet with parents when ever there is time. We look forward to meeting you and hope that you have the same love for animals that we do. Poodles are a very smart breed and they need to know they are part of the family.




Anna Jack, The owner of Puppy Tales has lived a life of performing in the spot light.


 Born in Russia  to a famous circus family, Anna Jack  has brought together artists and performers from the four corners of the globe to delight and entertain you.


  A regular on CBS' "Late Night With David Letterman", Anna got her degree in teaching at the Moscow Circus School before immigrating to the United States. Considered one of the best hula hoop artists in the world, Anna has performed with the Big Apple Circus, The Moscow Circus, and has been on Broadway in "Circus Diva" and in the musical, "Barnum".


She has appeared on television shows including "E! Entertainment" and "Late Night With Conan O'Brien", She has performed at events and trade shows for various companies including Microsoft, McDonald's, Oldsmobile, George Lucas, and Chrysler. She can also be seen in a national ad campaign for SONY.


  Aside from the hoola hoops, this experienced circus performer is well-versed in LED Hula Hoops , Fire Hula Hoops, bungee dancing, hand balancing, aerial acts, and performs with four  trained dogs. Her daughter, Daniella is also an award-winning hoop artist and they perform a duel hula hoop and juggling act. Anna currently travels back and forth between Orlando and New York but travels the world performing.

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